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Jalan Raya Jakarta Bogor KM. 37, Cilodong – Depok 16415
Telp. 021 – 2962 9393 / 021 – 2962 9394
Faks. 021 – 2962 9395
Email : info@aaslaboratory.com
Hotline :+62811-1939-330

Indonesia is an agrarian country which means that most of the population are farmers. Improper management system can cause a decrease in optimality which results in reduced soil productivity. Degradation of soil quality in the form of physical, chemical and biological changes in soil, can be caused by excessive use of fertilizers, inappropriate use of pesticides and irregular irrigation. Monitoring is needed to ensure that the soil quality is still in the good category or not. The monitoring includes:

  1. Soil Texture
  2. Soil Acidity Level
  3. Cation Exchange Capacity
  4. Water content
  5. Soil Permeability
  6. Soil Weight and Porosity
  7. Organic and Inorganic Compounds