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Noise pollution will always be present in industrial areas, roads, mining, hospitals, residential and other manufacturing areas. Hearing loss is often caused by noise in the environment, either continuous noise or impulsive noise. Also causing discomfort to the environment and workers. Therefore, the government makes quality standards for environmental noise specifically according to their respective areas. The regulation that regulates the noise level quality standard is Ministerial Decree of Environment Number 48 of 1996. Environmental noise monitoring is also required to be carried out at least once every 3 months and must be reported to the agency responsible for environmental control.

Where there is noise there is vibration, because one of the causes of noise is the cause of vibration. Every industry and business activity that uses machines must also produce vibrations. Vibrations will have an effect in all directions on the field of vibration propagation, and some of them cause discomfort to the environment and workers and even buildings. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia has made regulations that regulate quality standards and monitoring of environmental vibrations. The Decree of the Minister of the Environment Number 49 of 1996 became the regulation that regulates the Vibration Level Standard and the regulation also explains that this environmental vibration monitoring must be carried out at least once every 3 months and must be reported to the responsible agency in the field of environmental control.