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Surface water is currently widely used for various purposes, such as for household needs, irrigation, power generation, industries and as life support. With the many uses of surface water, it is certainly necessary to pay attention to the quality of the surface water.

The issue of surface water pollution often occurs because the character of surface water is very sensitive to contamination. Pollution can come from industrial waste, transportation, landfills, fishing and agricultural activities and other activities. AAS Laboratory can perform surface water quality testing with various test parameters including :

  1. Physical Analysis
  2. Analysis of nutrient concentration
  3. Heavy metal concentration analysis
  4. Analysis of the concentration of inorganic compounds
  5. Analysis of the concentration of organic compounds
  6. Microbiological analysis
  7. Analysis of aquatic biota (plankton, benthos, nekton)
  8. Radioactivity (*subcont)

In the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 22 of 2021 which regulates the quality of surface water, it is necessary to test the quality of surface water using a testing laboratory that has been certified, registered and accredited in accordance with the test parameters. AAS Laboratory as a testing laboratory has been certified to ISO 17025 and also been registered with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as a Testing Laboratory.