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Jalan Raya Jakarta Bogor KM. 37, Cilodong – Depok 16412
Telp. 021 – 2962 9393 / 021 – 2962 9394
Faks. 021 – 2962 9395
Email : info@aaslaboratory.com
Hotline :+62811-1939-330

The Growing population and industrial will affect the amount of waste water discharge from every human and industrial activities. Pollution that occurs due to wastewater is an important problem that needs attention from various parties. Before being discharged directly into surface water, wastewater must go through a process and monitoring so that the content in the wastewater does not pollute the surrounding environment.

AAS Laboratory has been registered with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as an Environmental Laboratory. AAS Laboratory is one of the laboratories that has the competence to conduct environmental testing. In addition, the AAS Laboratory also has several test parameters that have been accredited by the National Accreditation Committee. AAS Laboratory can perform wastewater quality testing with various test parameters including :

  1. Physical Analysis
  2. Analysis of nutrient concentration
  3. Heavy metal concentration analysis
  4. Analysis of the concentration of inorganic compounds
  5. Analysis of the concentration of organic compounds
  6. Microbiological analysis