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Air is an essential component for life, humans and other living things. The air is already polluted if there is the addition of other gases that cause disturbances and changes the composition. Human activities can decrease air quality. Transformation in this quality can be in physical properties or chemical properties. Chemical tranformation, which can be in the form of reducing or adding one of the chemical components contained in the air, are commonly known as air pollution. Odor is one of the pollutants that can interfere with health and can have implications for the environment and some of these odorous pollutants are no longer visible. AAS Laboratory has competence in measuring ambient air odor quality including :

  1. Ammonia Compounds (NH3)
  2. Hydrogen Sulfide Compounds (H2S)
  3. Methyl Mercaptan
  4. Methyl Sulfide
  5. Styrene

Ambient air testing is regulated in the Decree of the Ministry of Environment Number 50 of 1996. This regulation stipulates that monitoring of odors in ambient air is carried out at least once every 3 months. and must be reported to the agency responsible for environmental control