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Email : info@aaslaboratory.com
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Farmers require fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural production in order to conduct plant cultivation activities. Pesticides are used to defend crops from attacks by organisms that disturb plants, whereas fertilizers are used to try to increase production.

Fertilizers and pesticides have the potential to harm the environment and biodiversity, along with the advancement of science and technology. Additionally, this may result in pest emergence, resurgence, resistance, and health issues for people and other living things.

As a laboratory that has been accredited by the National Accreditation Committee in the implementation of ISO IEC 17025:2005, AAS laboratory supports and actively participates in government programs (Ministry of Agriculture) to protect the preservation of environmental functions, biodiversity, consumers/users, and provide business certainty for fertilizer business producers. and pesticides which are circulated in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, so that the Republic of Indonesia's citizens are protected from harm.

In addition to accreditation from KAN, AAS Laboratory is also registered in the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 11/KPTS/SR.310/M/01/2020 concerning Quality Testing Institutions, Toxicity Tests, and Pesticide Efficacy Tests as a pesticide quality testing laboratory. AAS Laboratory is assigned as the agency for appointing pesticide sampling officers in the assignment letter number 05/SR.330/B/08/2021, the number of officers is 9 people.


1. Fertilizer Physical and Chemical Test Parameters

  • Potassium Chloride Fertilizer
  • Solid NPK Fertilizer
  • SP-36 . Fertilizer
  • Triple Phosphate Fertilizer
  • Urea Fertilizer
  • Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer
  • Natural Phosphate Fertilizer For Agriculture

2. Pesticide Compound Formulation

  • Organochlorine
  • Organophosphate
  • Pyrethroids

3. Sampling and Pesticide Quality Test